PRIVACY POLICY, Inc. (“GTI”) is a social media internet website for the family. It is designed to allow the user to share information about themselves with all family members, present and future. As such, the user should anticipate (and hope) that whatever information the user deposits in his/her seed box (photographs, videos, audios, journals, etc.) will be widely viewed by family members and possibly others.

However, with the exceptions of administrative functions (e.g. invoicing users, etc.) GTI does not, generally, track or maintain information about you which will allow GTI to personally identify you.

Because GTI offers subscription free services if the user agrees that GTI can advertise on the users seed box, GTI also reserves the right to collect information about the user which GTI considers helpful to its efforts to provide relevant advertisements to the user. Accordingly, GTI may collect information such as, but not necessarily limit to, that information the user provides when he or she signs up to use the services of GTI. This information is utilized in the effort to provide advertisements to the user which may be of interest to that user.

All information about the user acquired by GTI will be stored on Microsoft Azure. These computers have numerous security measures to protect against the loss, misuses and unauthorized viewing of your information. Notwithstanding such measures, GTI can not guarantee that these security measures will prevent your data from being illegally accessed and the data stolen or altered. You should also be aware that communications sent over the Internet are not secure unless encrypted. GTI does not encrypt your communications

In the event that ownership of all or a portion of the services currently provided by GTI were to change as a result of a merger, acquisition or transfer to another company, the information GTI has acquired about the user may be transferred as well.

GTI may access and show your information in response to a legal request if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so. GTI may also access, preserve and show user information when we have a good faith belief it is necessary to detect, prevent and address illegal activity against GTI or others.

If you have any questions, contact GTI online at